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We are excited that a sugar daddy dating site with a millionaire theme makes it to fourth in our top recommendations. This combines the best of both worlds for people looking for sugar daddy dating sites that only accept the best of the best. With verification options in place, sugar babies are guaranteed to find men who have the annual income and occupation that they say they do, and men are guaranteed to find a sugar baby who looks exactly like she does in her pictures. This sugar daddy meet review will cover the dating site's features, why it is such a good choice for both men and women looking for a relationship (whether it is a sugar daddy-type relationship or not), and what you can get with a membership to the dating site.

Sign Up Process

While's sign up process is pretty similar to other millionaire dating websites, there are a few things that stand out. For instance, you have to choose your ethnicity, which is not always a required action when signing up to a dating site. Moreover, you have to choose your height, which is another interesting requirement.

Other than that, you can choose to fill in some important questions when it comes to matchmaking, such as what you are looking for (which can include friendship, marriage, or pen pal) and where you prefer your match to live. All the other things, such as hair color, body type, and religion can really help you make sure that other members know the real you and pick you because they like your real traits.

TIP: Millionaire Match has more than 2 million quality members, sign up to meet other successful, attractive and available singles now!


While you can use for free, you can gain more benefits by upgrading to a gold membership. The great thing about this dating site is that you can pay through credit card, PayPal, check, or money order if you want to be a little more private.

The prices for both sugar daddies and sugar babies is as following. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

  • For a 1 month membership, you pay $50
  • For a 3 month membership, you pay $30 per month
  • For a 6 month membership, you pay $24 per month

It is important to remember that you have to cancel your membership if you don't want to billed again. This can be a very convenient feature if you plan to really work on finding the perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby for you.


We found a few unique features doing this review. And we think that they are going to be valuable to anyone who wants to use the site for this type of relationship.

The site has a feature where you can get first date ideas for a sugar daddy/sugar baby first date. Interestingly, the ideas come from members. You see who they are, rate their idea, and if you like their idea you can contact them. The ideas are in the categories of 'eating out at any time', 'attending art or cultural activities', 'random activities outdoors', and some first date ideas that have no category. It is an interesting place to give your own date idea and find like-minded people.

The site also has a feature where you can submit your sugar daddy dating advice or safety tips, and get a free gold membership for a month! Considering that sugar daddy relationships are quite different than other relationships, this is a great place to give and get some input on how to make the most out of a sugar daddy-type relationship and stay safe while doing so. In order to read the advice and tips, you must have a gold membership.

Another interesting feature is the 'Let's Meet' feature, which allows you to see a random photo of a member and decide whether or not you would like to meet them. Besides the photo, you also see the name, age, location, and other pictures below. If you are undecided, you can click on 'maybe' - and after a few profiles, you can check out the mutually interested tab to find matches that have some potential.

Another way to stand out as a sugar daddy or sugar baby is to enter the fashion show. This is really about putting yourself out there to get noticed, and you have to realize that your picture will be voted on. That means that some 'haters' may come out and try to make you look bad with comments such as 'she's okay' or 'he could look better'. But, it still helps you stand out from the other members and interested people can email you, send a wink, or add you to their favorites.

Also, if you are new to sugar daddy dating, and want some advice or just want to read other people's stories as they go through the process, you can check out the blog section where people blog about their views, stories, concerns, or whatever they want. It is a great way to help yourself stand out and get noticed, give more information about yourself, or reply to other people's blogs and help them.

Lastly, there is a forum where you can go and express your concerns, ask questions, or just introduce yourself and what you are looking for. There are sections devoted solely to sugar daddy and sugar baby topics, including how to date a sugar baby, sugar daddy philosophy, and what does it mean to be a sugar daddy. This is just another feature on that helps you stand out and get noticed.

Standard Member Features Include:

  • Send emails
  • Respond to other people's first date ideas
  • Use wink filter settings
  • Use basic search filters
  • Post a photo and add up to 26 more
  • Verify age, photo, education, and occupation
  • Post questions to matches or friends
  • Comment on blog posts, profiles, and forums
  • Edit those messages

Gold Member Features Include:

  • Ability to reply to emails
  • Initiate sending winks
  • Send greeting cards or birthday cards
  • Use every aspect of search including compatible matches, certified daddies, income, and gold members
  • Show up at the top of searches
  • Get highlighted in searches
  • Recognized as a feature member
  • Become a certified daddy
  • More control over photo and profile settings
  • Get access to priority customer care, dating advice and tips, and personal account manager

Do They Accept Sugar Daddy-Type Relationships?

The name of the website kind of gives it away, but yes - they absolutely accept sugar daddy-type relationships. This means that if you are only looking for a man to be your sugar daddy, then you can find him on this site, and vice-versa.

That said, the site also seems to cater to all kinds of relationship that you may seek, such as friendship, pen pals, and more serious relationships. This is seen the ability to pick 'looking for' a relationship other than a sugar daddy relationship. The benefit of looking for those things on this sugar daddy website is that you can find someone who earn an income that you are looking for.


If you really want to stand out on, you should get verified. If you are being honest about yourself, and want to meet someone who wants you for who you are, then you might as well get verified. It makes you look more honest, committed to the process, and - according to the site, it can get you 20x more views and emails, which will give you better results in the long run.

Sugar babies and sugar daddies can get their photo verified by uploading their driver's license or another photo ID, or by holding up a sign that proves they are who they say they are. The process for approval only takes one day. Moreover, members can get their age verified, education verified, and job verified.

For a sugar daddy, he can verify that he is in fact a guy who makes a lot of money and is capable of being a sugar daddy. This requires proof, through a tax return or bank statement, that he has earned over $200,000 in the past year or already in the current year. This earns the sugar daddy a diamond symbol by his profile picture, which is going to be a huge advantage over other guys on the site.


It was very easy to find people close to me and with my requirements, and you will see that the blog and forum are full of activity. Considering that only a small percentage of people are known to actively participate in anything, this shows that the site is pretty popular among both sugar daddies and sugar babies alike.

User Scale

According to, there are an even number of men and women on the site. It seems apparent that many of the women are browsing from school and have not finished college yet, which shows that there are many sugar babies looking for a good sugar daddy out there. And, according to the stats, there are a lot of people whose education includes graduate school, which means that sugar daddies are really there and looking! Between Canada and United States, there are pretty much an equal number of visitors.

Ease Of Use

This site is very easy to use. Everything is laid out for convenience. There are no ads on the site that can become a distraction and cause you to leave the site. There is even a box that pops up in the bottom right that makes contacting super easy.

The Search

As soon as you sign up to the sugar daddy dating site, whether it is for free or as a gold member, you can access the search and start looking for interesting people near you. As said, you can't look for people based on income or other features that really narrow down members perfect for a sugar daddy relationship, but you can do a quick search for people based on who they are seeking, age, country, and state or province.

Safety And Privacy

There are many features on this site, like the forum and dating advice tips section, which allow you to learn the best practices when it comes to safety. However, you can also report members for abusive, fraudulent, or other harmful behavior that helps keep the site clean and safe to use. takes your privacy seriously. Of course, your picture will show up to anyone who signs up the site; however, all financial and personal information you submit is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. If you are concerned about your payments being found, you can use PayPal, which allows you to avoid sharing your financial information with the company while still securely processing your payment.


Some sugar daddy millionaire websites can look nothing like what a millionaire dating website should look like, but is clean, crisp, and well laid out. Through the top navigation you can find most of what you are looking for, on the left you can access all of the features, on the right, you can find new and interesting members or people you may like, and on the bottom you can read all the finer details about the site, including success stories.


This review doesn't list all of the benefits and features of the site, which means that there is much more you can do, see, and find there. From adding matches to your favorites list to updating your status, this is a sugar daddy millionaire dating site that will keep you busy.

Because it is so popular and established, there is a high chance of meeting your perfect sugar baby or sugar daddy. And, because the number of men and women on the site is fairly evenly matched, there is an increased chance of meeting someone.

Moreover, if you are willing to tell it like it is, you can get verified easily and further increase your chances of being noticed by that perfect man or woman.

The bottom line is that this is a millionaire dating site for sugar daddy-type relationships that does its best to match you up with the perfect member.

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