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Are you a beautiful woman or handsome man? Or, are you a successful woman or man? Are you looking for someone beautiful or successful to get into a mutually beneficial relationship with? If you answered yes, then is a perfect dating site for you. According to their statistics, there are over 3.6 million members on this sugar daddy dating site throughout 139 countries. And because the site continuously gets exposure through the media, those numbers are almost guaranteed to increase. More and more people are openly looking for mutually beneficial relationships, and this review will talk about why this rich men dating site makes it into our top recommendations for arrangements dating. Because this dating site has some slight differences for sugar babies and sugar daddies, we will address those differences where applicable.

Sign Up Process

You can be actively looking around SeekingArrangement within minutes. That is how quick the sign up process is.

When you sign up, do not use your real name. This helps with the privacy part of the dating site, and it is actually recommended by SeekingArrangement.

While you can start to search through the site without doing so, the best results will come from quickly filling in all areas of your profile, including basic info, personal info, location, bio, and photos. It can take up to 24 hours for your profile to be approved; however, you can still use the dating site and search for other members until then.

TIP: Millionaire Match has more than 2 million quality members, sign up to meet other successful, attractive and available singles now!

For sugar babies signing up, you can select your expectation of the mutually beneficial relationship. It's best to fill this in so that only sugar daddies who have want you want will contact you. The standards are set like this:

  • Negotiable: If you just don't know yet, then this is the option for you
  • Minimal: Up to $1,000 monthly
  • Practical: Up to $3,000 monthly
  • Moderate: Up to $5,000 monthly
  • Substantial: Up to $10,000 monthly
  • High: More than $10,000 monthly

For sugar daddies, you can (and must) select your net worth and income. You can also set your budget, which is exactly the same as the expectations above for sugar babies. If you have a certain number that you are not willing to go over, you might as well pick that budget so that sugar babies know upfront not to expect, for instance, more than $10,000 a month.


It is important to note that SeekingArrangement does not give refunds on memberships. Therefore, make sure you want to become a member before you purchase one of the memberships, and if you are a little skeptical, just purchase a 1 month membership to see what kind of results you get for your money. As of right now, all the prices are as follows.

Sugar Babies:

  • For a 1 month membership, you pay $29.95
  • For a 3 month membership, you pay $19.95 per month
  • For a 6 month membership, you pay $15. 95 per month

If you are a college student, then you are going to like this little extra! Sugar babies who are in college can get a free premium account when they register with their email address that ends in .edu. This makes SeekingArrangement even more attractive to college students who are looking for some help out while they obtain their education.

Sugar Daddies:

  • For a 1 month membership, you pay $69.95
  • For a 3 month membership, you pay $59.95 per month
  • For a 6 month membership, you pay $49.95 per month

Important Notes: A 3 or 6 month membership for either a sugar daddy or sugar baby will be billed in one payment. Also, unlike many other millionaire dating sites, SeekingArrangement does not rebill automatically. This means that you will have to manually pay for another membership. Simply wait for the membership to expire and then upgrade again. Lastly, you can pay with credit card, MoneyGram, or by mail if you simply don't trust the internet.

Sugar daddies can also take it a step further and get a diamond profile. This results in being featured on sugar baby dashboards and, ultimately, gives an increase in the amount of views and messages the sugar daddy gets per week. This feature will cost $209.95 per month. Before a sugar daddy can be a diamond member, he must submit an application and verify himself (verification will cost an extra $50).


The first feature is not a technical feature, but it is an important aspect of SeekingArrangement that you will want to know. They don't hide the fact that this site has 8 sugar babies available for every sugar daddy. This makes it an extremely attractive site for wealthy men who want to meet an attractive looking woman quickly - and have a lot of choice while doing so. For the women, this just means that you have to stand out, which is why taking advantage of all the features on SeekingArrangement is important.

As far as sugar daddy dating goes, SeekingArrangement does have a blog to help you make the most out of your dating experience. On it you can find interesting articles geared towards both sugar daddies and sugar babies. If you choose to comment on the blog, it does not link back to your profile on the dating site.

Both sugar daddies and sugar babies can see a list of premium, featured, or new members right on their dashboard. The profiles are of women or men who are close by and fit your location desires. If you want to do a more advanced search, you can click on 'search' and look for someone who fits your location, physical, and money preferences. It is important to note that standard members will not show up on your dashboard, so if you want to get the full scope of members, doing a search is recommended.

Lastly, you can choose your preferred language for the site. Because there are members from 139 countries, this is a great feature to have! Scroll through the site in the language you feel most comfortable with.

To be a standard sugar baby and use the site for free, you must have one public profile picture up. Standard features for sugar babies include:

  • Only viewable in standard search
  • Use search
  • Favorite members
  • See who visited your profile
  • See who favorited your profile
  • See member details and view pictures (unless pictures are set to private, then you have to request to view them)
  • Ability to block or report member
  • Give feedback about the site through the 'feedback' option

Premium Features For Sugar Babies Include:

  • A premium badge beside your name
  • Featured profile in search results
  • Send messages without having to display profile photo
  • Communicate with other members even if your profile is not complete
  • Viewable on login page of sugar daddies
  • Can hide login date and time
  • Gain more interest from other members

To be a standard sugar daddy, and use the site for free, you don't need to do anything. However, you can only do limited things, including:

  • Send 10 free messages
  • Use search
  • View favorites
  • View visitors

Premium Features For Sugar Daddies Include:

  • The ability to send and receive messages
  • Featured on sugar babies dashboards
  • Can communicate without complete profile
  • Hide profile from search
  • Hide activity on site
  • Save favorite search filters

Do They Accept Sugar Daddy-Type Relationships?

Yes. Mutually beneficial relationships is what the site is built around. This dating site accepts both sugar daddies and sugar mommas, as well as sugar babies of any sex. Moreover, they welcome any type of relationship, whether it be male/female or same gender. You can find the perfect mutually beneficial relationship on


You can verify your background as being clean from criminal activity. Considering that both sugar daddies and sugar babies can search for members with a background check, this is something that will help you stand out among other members.

The criminal check looks for things such as a history of domestic violence, violent crimes, sex crimes, misdemeanor assaults, and felonious assaults. It also will determine if the member is a registered sex offender or not. Note, just because a member doesn't have this badge doesn't mean they didn't get the criminal check done. In some cases, members can fail the criminal check, but still be on the site - if SeekingArrangement feels they are in good enough standing to stay on. Getting the criminal check done does cost some money, but it is well worth it for your success on the site. When you display the badge of a successful criminal check, it puts other member's minds at ease and helps you stand out as a member with honest intentions and a healthy past.

The Search

For sugar babies, the free search includes quite a bit of information - much more than most millionaire dating sites. While there are standard sugar baby search fields, such as location, age, income, net worth, and expectation, one unique aspect is that you can search by a keyword in a man's profile. For instance, 'traveling' could be a word that you could search for.

For sugar daddies, all of the same search fields are included that sugar babies see, including the keyword feature, however there is a unique one called 'budget'. This simply lets you search through the expectations that sugar babies have in terms of what they receive monthly as part of your mutually beneficial relationship.

Safety And Privacy

The biggest safety feature on SeekingArrangement is the ability to do a criminal check. However, it is well-known that escorts are not allowed on this site, and illegal activities, such as prostitution, are also forbidden.

As far as privacy goes, they are committed to protecting the privacy of their users. Any information that you submit will be kept in strict confidence.

Room for improvement

Because there are not very many features to stand out on the site, they could link blog comments back to profiles. This would likely get more interaction between members. However, this is not a huge deal because not everyone is going to participate in the blog. For instance, your perfect mutually beneficial relationship partner may be one of those people who don't read or comment there.

We were also a little surprised that there is not an income verification for sugar daddies. It seems that diamond daddies used to have to verify their income and net worth; however, that doesn't seem to be a requirement anymore.


This is, without a doubt, the best looking millionaire dating site we have been on. It is obvious that they have tweaked their website to be as user-friendly and attractive as possible. It also has a minimalist effect, not being too crowded and overwhelming. We guarantee you will like the site and how simple it is to use.

Customer Service

Through your profile, there is not an obvious way to contact SeekingArrangement besides clicking on the 'feedback' button. But, if you click on 'privacy' you will find a 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page. A unique aspect of this is that you can contact the founder and CEO Brandon Wade through Facebook or Google+, or you can send a general email that will be responded to within 1-2 days. There is also an FAQ section.


During our review, what stood out is that there is not a lot of extra features, such as instant messaging, forums, or other ways to interact. However, despite the lack of these features, this site is still one of the most popular millionaire dating websites for people looking for mutually beneficial relationships. That says something about the success rate of this dating site, and should have you excited to try it out!

If you are serious about finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby on the dating site, there are ways for you to stand out. You can fill in your profile completely and be totally honest about what you are looking for. Since many search filters use your profile, this can help you find the perfect member for you. You can also become a premium member, or for sugar daddies a diamond member. Lastly, you can do a criminal check to show other members that you can be trusted, which is a huge part of mutually beneficial relationships.

With millions of members online, from all over the world, there is a good chance that you will find that perfect person. And because more and more people are looking for mutually beneficial relationships over more traditional relationships, your chances of always finding someone to satisfy your needs are high.

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