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How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

Online dating is one of the best ways to meet anyone. It offers access to thousands of people who put their interests, beliefs, habits, wants, needs, and preferences directly onto their dating profile for you to see. In other words, you don’t have to go out with someone to find out if they are a perfect match, all you have to do is read their online dating profile. However, this means that when you sign up to a dating site, other people will be reading your dating profile as well. In order to attract the best people to you, you have to create a profile that not only attracts the people you want to attract, but also makes them deeply interested in you over the next person they see.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

This is not that hard to do because, technically, you are already in their shoes; you are reading profiles and determining whether or not that person is of interest to you or not. If you pay attention while you browse through profiles, you will notice a few things that will automatically draw you towards a profile or push you away. Make sure you pay attention to those things and include or exclude them in your own online dating profile to maximize your success rate.

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Common Things That Push People Away From Your Dating Profile

While you can make certain tweaks to your profile by discovering how you react to other people’s profiles, there are some common things that push people away from any dating profile. The following things are things you do NOT want to do. These are common mistakes that will cause people to turn their noses up in disgust or disinterest at your profile and move on to someone else.

1. Using Generic Answers
If someone fills in their profile with generic, ready-made answers, then they are going to come across as boring, unoriginal, and lame. For instance, if you answer the question “What is something private that you are willing to share?” with “I am using an online dating site to find someone!” then you will appear boring and generic (because a lot of people use this ‘clever’ answer as a response) and people will quickly pass your profile by. Be original and stand out among the crowd!

2. Using Answers That Make You Sound Complicated
When people look at your profile, they are looking for someone who is going to add fun and excitement into their life, not complications and drama. If you let people have a glimpse into the side of your life that usually scares potential lovers away, then they are quickly going to click off your profile and never look at it again. So remember, don’t include answers that make you sound needy, desperate or complicated.

3. Putting Down Blatant Lies
People who have created their own online dating profile, and read though hundreds of other people’s profiles, become very good at spotting lies in profiles. When you write down something that makes you look really good (almost too good) then people are going to become suspicious of you. When that happens, you have almost zero chance with them. Therefore, do not fill in your profile with statements such as “Everyone I know thinks I am the nicest, funniest, and most charming person they have ever met and I win over everyone I see with my good looks.” The truth is that nobody has the ability to win over everyone with their good looks, and not everyone is this life is going to like you. We all know that, so don’t try to convince us otherwise.

4. Using Sarcasm
Using sarcasm in your profile will not score you any points with potential matches. Sarcasm is reserved for comedians and their audiences or you and your family and friends, but not for people who don’t know you yet. The problem is that sarcasm, when written down, can often sound rude, arrogant, and even non-confident. Why would someone want to get to know a rude, arrogant, and non-confident person? They wouldn’t! If they sense any of those things, they will quickly move on to someone else. So leave your ‘wit’ out of your profile and, instead, use it when you meet someone face to face if you want.

5. Using Unsexy Words
People are looking for someone who will make their life more fun and interesting, but they are also looking for someone they are attracted to sexually. Since all they have to go by to determine whether or not you are sexy to them is your profile picture and information, you need to make sure that you don’t turn them off before they even have a chance to get to know you. Unsexy words include big words that are hard to understand, such as ‘impeccable’ or ‘companionable’. These words make you sound like a boring person who is going to make someone want to go to sleep during a dinner date. Remember, you are filling in an online dating profile, not writing a college essay, so keep the words basic. Use words that the majority of people use when they talk, such as ‘great’ or ‘friendly’ to remove an unsexy stigma.

Common Things That Attract People To Your Profile

Now that you know what not to include in your dating profile, let’s talk about how to write a good online dating profile that interests readers and makes them want to know more.

1. Short And Direct Responses
Do not ramble on and on about your likes, beliefs, and thoughts. If you do, then you will bore the other person and they will leave. People have a very short attention span, especially when they are looking through their hundredth dating profile of the day. They are looking for direct information that tells them whether or not they are interested in you, and if you provide short and simple answers, then they will get that information.

2. Making It About Them
Your online dating profile is supposed to be about you, right? But the truth is that other people don’t want to just know about you, they want to know how YOU can’t benefit THEIR life. Therefore, make sure to use to keywords that instantly provide benefit to their life. For instance, you may say that you ‘support’ other people and their dreams in life. Or you may mention how you enjoy ‘inspiring’ other people to live their best lives. You don’t just have to write words that make them feel as though you are writing to them, you can write complete sentences too. For instance, you may say, “I want to share exciting travel experiences with someone.”

3. Appear Excited To Be There
So many people act as though their friend made them sign up to the site or as if they are doing this as a ‘last ditch effort’ to find someone to date. If you want to impress someone who is also using a dating site to find love, then you have to show them that you are not ashamed to be writing an online dating profile and looking for someone via this method. Share the fact that you are excited that the dating site is offering you a great way to meet the person of your dreams without the normal hassle that comes with offline dating, and show potential matches that you are viewing this as a viable way to meet someone.

In the end, a good online dating profile will include all of the above tips. You will find that you will receive more responses than most people when you use these unique tips, and as long as you are being open and honest, you will meet a lot of like-minded fun people who are interested in the same things you are.


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