Porsha Williams Could Profit From Sugar Daddy Dating

Ever since Porsha Williams, one of the stars of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was dumped by her sugar daddy boyfriend, she’s had to make some major adjustments in her life. No more shopping sprees that cost thousands of dollars, or expensive visits to the spa or salon. According to TMZ, it’s even rumored that her sugar daddy spent $300,000 on a Rolls Royce for Porsha – a Rolls Royce that she’s now selling, since her married sugar daddy allegedly cut her off for constantly posting pictures of his expensive gifts on social media. Now that Porsha’s been dumped, she’s had a major reality check, and needs to start from the bottom all over again – but thanks to an intriguing offer, she may not have to stay at the bottom for long.

As TMZ also reported, Porsha has received an offer from SugarDaddyForMe.com, a site that connects women with potential sugar daddies. Although it’s just one of many sugar daddy dating sites, SugarDaddyForMe.com has more than 4.5 million members, with another 2000 joining every day. They’ve offered to created a new website called PorshasSugarBabies.com, asking Porsha to help recruit other women who also want to date wealthy men. This means Porsha could profit handsomely from a deal, and possibly even land someone handsome (and rich!) to date herself. (more…)

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