Kayden Kross & Nicki Hunter

Kayden Kross Shaking things up at Arrangement Finders

In what could be a turning point for both the porn industry as well as the adult dating sector, Kayden Kross, former adult movie star is now at the helms of Arrangement Finders, a sugar daddy dating site. Recently, Kross pumped $1 million into the venture that she has more than a commercial interest in. From the looks of it, this could very well turn into an “I scratch yours and you scratch mine” scenario for both the industries as well as ArrangementFinders.com.

Kross brings with her a wealth of experience gathered by working for almost a decade in the highly in demand but clandestine porn business. Also, she has a sense of openness and pragmatism, which would be crucial for pushing Arrangement Finders towards greater heights of profitability. Kayden was bang on when she said that there is a growing degree of acceptance towards sugar dating relationships. (more…)

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