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Supercar Dating Review For Single Luxury Car Owners

The more successful you get, the busier you can become. If you are single, that means that it can become harder to meet someone who complements your lavish lifestyle. A wealthy dating site can help you overcome that problem. There are many dating sites for the wealthy, but if you are someone who enjoys not only the luxury lifestyle, but also Lamborghinis and other luxury cars, then the supercar dating website is meant for you. is the first dating site that caters to luxury car owners and fine living companions. This site was born from the idea that many men on wealthy dating sites pretend to be wealthy. It is hard to deny that someone with a high end car is wealthy, and that’s one of the aspects that makes this dating site stand heads above the others. Check out this review.

Sign Up is not available to people in North America as of now. They plan to expand their site in 2015. For now, people in United Kingdom and Europe are able to sign up to the supercar dating site.

The only issue we found during our review was that there is a limit to how much you can say about yourself in your profile. For instance, you only have 30 words to describe your interests. If you are someone with more than one interest, it can be hard to narrow down what you want to write.

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So, how much will a wealthy dating site like this run you? Well, as of now it is free to sign up because the site is not fully functional. But, the basic memberships will be free to both men and women who own a high end car and those who don’t. A free membership will allow you to do basic things in the dating site, such as search other members.

If you are someone without a luxury car, then you can expect to pay about £150 per year for a premium membership, and if you are someone who owns a luxury car, then you can expect to pay about £270 per year for a premium membership.


As a luxury dating site in the works, they focus on luxury events and parties for now. For instance, they organize luxury dating parties that include fine dining, comedy, and clubbing. This is a great way to connect current members of the site together with a more social and fun atmosphere that encourages relationships to grow.

The supercar circle will be launched as a social network for supercar couples and enthusiasts. This will take it far beyond a wealthy dating site and give members a chance to connect in another way that promotes interaction. It will give members a chance to learn more about each other and determine whether or not there is an interest in someone that may just look good on paper. It is important to note that this will be an invitation only social network, which means that you will not have to worry about random people signing up to spam the site.

As of now, there is no mobile application; however, the plan to launch mobile applications is set to happen within the next year. This will apply to Europe, USA, Middle East, and Asia.

Supercar dating will also focus on verifying car ownership to help members looking for other luxury car owners rest assured that they are meeting someone who has proof of their car. This is, again, why this wealthy dating site was born. The owner, Sangeeth, talked to women who were meeting men who claimed to have a lot of money, but were really just pretending to be rich in order to win over their attention. He is determined to make this a site where the members are who they say they are and own a luxury car such as a Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lotus, or Lamborghini.

The Search

The online dating aspect of supercar dating has not been activated yet. Currently they are an event only based site, and the online dating aspect of the site will not launch until early 2015. However, because the site is geared towards owners with luxury cars, we suspect that you will be able to search by all the usual fields, including gender, age, location, as well as car make and model.

Ease Of Use

As of now, supercar dating is extremely easy to use. Sign up, scroll around the site, and check out what will be in store for you when the site is fully up and functional.

You will notice that there is already attention to detail in this dating site that makes the site not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to navigate. If this is how user friendly it is now, you can be assured that the site will be laid out in an easy to use manner once it is fully up and running.

Room For Improvement

During our supercar dating review, we liked the fact that the site is up and running for people who want to meet other people via events and parties. However, it would be nice if they had the actual dating site partially functional for people who would rather just meet other people online. After all, the supercar dating site was built around the fact that successful people don’t have a lot of time to attend parties and events to meet other singles. But, if they are currently taking their time making the ultimate online dating site for the wealthy, then it will probably be worth the wait.


This is an exciting new dating site that has the potential to be wildly successful. They are taking time to build the site and the interest in it, which shows a lot of promise for the popularity of the site. For instance, as they acquire members and host parties and events, they are building the brand name ‘supercar dating’, which will help grow its popularity exponentially when it becomes fully functional in the beginning of the next year.

If you are a successful person who cherishes your luxury car and the finer things in life, then this could be a dating site that helps you attract the perfect partner to share it all with. Moreover, if you appreciate the finer things in life, but don’t own a luxury car yet, this site could help you connect with someone who you may not run into in your everyday life.

Soon the site will be open to people outside of the UK and Europe, which means that this will be a globally populated site that has huge potential for meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.


Star Ratings:

Chance of getting a date: 3.5
Protect privacy: 5
Ease of use: 5
Features: 3
Value for money: 5
Average star rating: 4 stars

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