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Senior, 85 taken advantage of by 17 year old sugar babies

The news of the 85 year old man from Manhattan, who ended up spending 20 hours tied to a coffee table by two 17 year old sugar babies, is now being used to highlight the importance of safety when using dating websites for sugar daddy-baby relationships. Hitherto, most columns that stressed on sugar dating safety were limited to the domain of sugar babies. After all, the sugar babes were the pretty, young, innocent things who could be taken for a ride by an older sugar daddy.

But, these teenage sisters sure did turn the table on that perception. In fact, come to think of it, a man in his 70’s would have more to lose and fear from two, 20 something year old gals than vice versa. Before you choose to ignore the logic in that statement, here is what happened with Paul Aronson, the wannabe sugar daddy, and a look at how the situation could have turned uglier.

The dating website was good but the girls were not!

Aronson met Shalaine Foster through the website SeekingArrangement.com, a popular portal for those seeking mutually beneficial relationships. The website is famous for its bevy of young beauties but there is little information available on these girls apart from their age and location. Although the site management claims that they recommend background checks be conducted on people before an actual meeting is planned, this calls for additional payment.

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And, when a gorgeous young lady with the name princess is flaunting her assets in a picture, it would be hard to expect a sugar daddy to keep his wits about himself. So, like many others, Paul Aronson too ignored this little piece of wisdom and called Shalaine for dinner.

But, she did not come alone for the wine and dine session, her twin Shania tagged along. However, instead of treating this like the red flag it was, Aronson thought this to be a case of more the merrier. Under the circumstances, the next dating faux pas he committed seemed imminent.

The date that turned into a nightmare!

From the restaurant, the threesome headed to Aronson’s luxury townhouse in Manhattan. This is when the girls decided to turn the table on the senior and tied him with zip ties Shania had chosen to get along, which gives this crime a premeditated angle. With the man firmly bound to the coffee table, the teenage sisters made off with $470 in cash and his credit cards.

The rescue that could have come too late!

He was found bound on the floor by a friend who happened to visit him. The police were then called, who arrested the young girls while they were in the midst of a shopping spree funded by Aronson’s credit cards.

Although this situation was nasty, it could have been uglier if the gent in question was on medication for hypertension, diabetes or a cardiac issue. Bound and helpless, he could have died waiting for somebody to chance upon him. Another factor to consider is that the scuffle that may have preceded his getting tied up could have got ugly with two drunk and desperate young girls trying to overpower a senior.

So, what now?

Aronson may have washed his hands off sugar dating websites for ever after the incident or at least his experience must have made him wiser. As for the Foster twins, the girls are now cooling their heels in jail and if convicted of the charges, face up to 15 years of prison time. But, there is a lesson to be learnt here for all who throw caution to the wind when connecting with the other members of sugar dating sites.

12 tips for being safe when using sugar dating websites

Although a willful association, sugar dating can take on a nasty turn as seen in case of Paul Aronson. This does not mean that you have to be wary of all the beauties on these sites. However, let common sense prevail when meeting a sugar baby and taking things further. Here are 12 tips that will help.

1. Don’t put your personal information out there. You never know who is out there looking for you and you certainly don’t want personal details such as your physical address, personal email ID and phone number out in the public domain. So, when using a sugar dating site, get an email address solely for this purpose and do not give out too much information on your profile.

2. Get comfortable with the prospective sugar baby. Don’t just jump at the chance of meeting a young lady. Spend some time chatting online and over the phone before exchanging full names and other personal details.

3. Do not relegate the importance of a background check. In case of Aronson, who was himself a lawyer, an insight into the criminal background of the girls could have been a deterrent. So, take this precaution even if you don’t feel like doing it. Online background checks can be conducted discreetly.

4. Take the effort to do your own snooping. Check out the sugar baby’s social pages. This will help you to frame a personality profile.

5. Do not shy away from discussing your expectations beforehand. The Foster twins stated that they were revolted by the demands made by Aronson which is why they resorted to tying him up. So, make sure the girl in question knows what the expectations of the association will be and she agrees to them even before meeting.

6. Once a level of comfort has been achieved through online interactions, you can take the association offline. However, let friends or family know where you will be heading for the meeting.

7. Pick the right place. never invite the sugar baby to your home or make your way to her house on the first date. In fact, it would be best to choose a public place as a meeting point and end the date there.

8. Perhaps, if Shania or Shalaine were alone, Aronson would have been able to handle the situation. However, the two girls together turned into formidable adversaries. So, do not entertain a sugar baby who feels the need to get a friend, sister or anybody else along. Trust plays a huge role in sugar daddy-baby relationships and if it cannot be established early on, the association may not survive for too long.

9. A cell phone on speed dial will definitely come to your rescue. In fact, you stand better chances of using your cell phone and calling for help then fighting off a desperate young woman with criminal tendencies. So, keep your cell phone handy and on speed dial.

10. Don’t turn the first date into a romp night. Ideally, you should wait it out to get into bed with your sugar baby till you get to know her better. However, if you must, go to a hotel instead of bringing her home. This way, if you need help, the staff can come to your rescue.

11. Bring along one or two credit cards and limited cash. This should be enough to pick the tab at the restaurant, but you won’t turn into a robber magnet.

12. Don’t take on a sugar baby who is not willing to give. A sugar daddy-sugar baby association is supposed to be mutually beneficial where both parties get what they want. If you are interacting with a young woman who is not comfortable with certain aspects of the relationship, don’t expect her to warm up to them as you go along. Instead, move on to the next sugar baby.

Finally, listen to your gut. If something does not seem right do not let the charm of the young lady in front of you lull you into a false sense of security. If something seems too unrealistic or if there is anything, even a behavioral facet, that points to a checkered past, back off. It is always better to be safe than sorry!


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