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A Review Of Millionaires Club 123 Created By Patti Stanger

When you have the money and desire to meet the perfect person, Patti Stanger has the place for you to go. The Millionaires Club has thousands of people in their database, but they also offer various services that can benefit any person who wants to improve themselves or meet their soul mate. The Millionaires Club is a professional matchmaking service for millionaires that has been in operation since 2000. The services go far beyond matchmaking as they help millionaires become a better and more attractive version of themselves. This review will take a look at what the Millionaires Club offers, and whether or not you would benefit from using it.

About Patti

Patti Stanger is the founder and CEO of Millionaires Club International Inc. Matchmaking runs in her family, as she is a third-generation matchmaker.

Her experience as the director of marketing for a popular matchmaking service combined with her intuitive knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in relationships, has made her the most sought after matchmaker around.

Patti is straightforward with her clients and only tells them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Since many people have developed habits and traits that are keeping them from finding the perfect person, her direct advice is beneficial to people who need more success in their personal life.

Services of Millionaires Club

The Millionaires Club 123 provides a place to reach out to Patti Stanger and connect with her one-one-one, through a phone call, Skype, or in-person meeting. Of course, it will cost you, but if you are ready to find love, then her experience and success are worth every penny of insight she has to give you.

If you have ever watched Patti transform her clients into their best physical self, then you know that she has a talent for finding people who can recreate people into someone that gets noticed. The truth is that your physical appearance can get you noticed or ignored, and with the right makeover and insight, you can take yourself to a whole new dating level on your own. This is why she offers a makeover option.

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Do you suck at going out and picking up women? The Millionaires Club offers a service that will help you make the most of a night out called the Sexy Sidekick Program. This service will give you the opportunity to go out on the town with a beautiful woman who can be your super wingman. Boosting your confidence and helping you with awkward moments, she will help you overcome the normal obstacles that hold you back from approaching a woman and getting her number.

You can also take advantage of photography services recommended by the Millionaires Club. This is an essential service to take advantage of if you want to stand out in your pictures and get noticed. There are 4 recommended photographers to choose from.

Patti Stanger is reaching out to more than just millionaires who want to meet their soulmate. She is also helping people reinvent themselves and turn their business – whether it is just an idea or a struggling business – into a successful business. Patti made over a million in her first year of business, and her success gives her the insight that you want to know if you want a million dollar business as well. Everything you need to create a successful business, including branding ideas and tools, are yours when you reach out for this service.

Lastly, you can also just ask Patty a question on anything regarding your relationship. This is your opportunity to consult with an expert through email for a reasonable fee.


If you are interested in a matchmaking service that has a 99% success rate, then there are a few different packages you can choose from in the Millionaires Club. All packages are open to any millionaire, regardless of sex or sexual preference.

Sapphire – In this package you get 6 months of unlimited dating in the US and Canada, a 30 minute counseling session, a guide from Patti that lists her commandments and dating success tips, and an option to upgrade to a one-year membership.

Bronze – In this package you get 1 year of unlimited dating in the US and Canada, a 60 minute counseling session, the ability to freeze your membership for 2 months, and a guide from Patti that lists her commandment and dating success tips.

Silver – In this package you get everything in the bronze package plus a 1 hour coaching session with a dating coach, a 1 hour session to consult about your image, and a 1 hour session with a hypnotherapist.

Gold – In this package you get everything in the silver package plus an addition 1 hour counseling session with Patti. And she will take it upon herself to personally match you up with the perfect person.

Platinum – In this package you get everything in the gold package plus all the benefits you need for guaranteed success, including customization matchmaking according to your needs, which includes access to international searches.

In any of those 5 packages, you can add on a few different options, including:

1. The Mixer Experience For 35K + Expenses

This is just like you have seen on the Millionaire Matchmaker where the millionaire meets a group of up to 25 potential dates. This will be held at a lunch, brunch, dinner, or cocktail party, and it will be held at an upscale location in your city.

2. Patti Stanger Matchmaking For 35K

If you want Patti Stanger as your personal matchmaker, then you can get that with this add-on. Moreover, you also get access to an assistant of Patti’s. However, she only accepts 10 people at a time, so this option may not be available.

3. Priority Status For 30K

Make yourself a priority when it comes to who you want to date. Pick and choose before any other member.

4. Personal Search for 35K

Want to go outside of the Millionaires Club database and find that perfect person for you? Patti’s staff will look for the perfect person for you through various social networking services and personalized recruiting sessions. This is a great add-on because the perfect person for you may not have signed up to Millionaires Club yet.

5. The Basic Mixer For 20K

This may be called basic, but it’s anything but that. You get a mixer with up to 10 potential daters for dinner at a local restaurant, and a matchmaker present for mini-dates. Dinner charges not included.

6. The Deluxe Mixer For 30K

In this mixer you get up to 20 potential daters to meet at an upscale venue. Patti Stanger will be there herself, and all food and beverage charges will be included.

How To Join

As of this review, joining the Millionaires Club is very easy. If you are a millionaire, you can simply apply for membership through a simple contact form that dictates what you are looking for and what packages you want.

If you are not a millionaire, you can join the database to get seen my millionaires or staff of Patti’s who are looking. Simply fill out the application, upload 4 professional photos, and wait for your application to be approved. If a match is found for you once approved, you will be contacted.

It is important to note that while the applications are easy to fill out, not everyone will be accepted into the Millionaires club. The standards are very high as of this Millionaires Club review, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get in.

Referral Program

Do you know some millionaires? Or, do you have some millionaire clients that would be a great fit for the Millionaires club? If you do, you can introduce them to the club and get a 10% referral fee for any purchases that they make.


If you are a millionaire looking for love, then Patti Stanger has created the perfect place for you to go, as you have probably figured out from this review.

The truth is that if you haven’t had success with love, something is wrong and needs to be changed. It’s not always easy to see what that is, and it could be as simple as picking the wrong people to date. Outside help from a place like the Millionaires Club can help you change things around.

You don’t have to worry about the person behind the site, because Patti Stanger is the top matchmaker in the world and has proven herself over and over again. Depending on your needs, there is a service for you, and if you are ready and willing, you can make it happen by taking the first step and filling out the form.


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