Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The Hidden Costs Of Using Sugar Daddies To Pay Tuition

When money is tight, college students are willing to do many things to pay the bills. Some will take on a part-time job while some will take on two part-time jobs. That is the conventional way to earn money in college, but with the help of websites that promote mutually beneficial relationship, there is a new way to make money in college. Students can seek out a sugar daddy who will help not only pay the cost of their education, but possibly the month-to-month living expenses as well.

For instance, one website called, sets up men with money and younger women for a mutually beneficial relationship. As you can see in the following video, students from North Carolina are using this site to create relationships with various expectations.

Some North Carolina students using ‘sugar daddies’ site to pay tuition (more…)

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