Old man

Senior, 85 taken advantage of by 17 year old sugar babies

The news of the 85 year old man from Manhattan, who ended up spending 20 hours tied to a coffee table by two 17 year old sugar babies, is now being used to highlight the importance of safety when using dating websites for sugar daddy-baby relationships. Hitherto, most columns that stressed on sugar dating safety were limited to the domain of sugar babies. After all, the sugar babes were the pretty, young, innocent things who could be taken for a ride by an older sugar daddy.

But, these teenage sisters sure did turn the table on that perception. In fact, come to think of it, a man in his 70’s would have more to lose and fear from two, 20 something year old gals than vice versa. Before you choose to ignore the logic in that statement, here is what happened with Paul Aronson, the wannabe sugar daddy, and a look at how the situation could have turned uglier. (more…)

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