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Overview is one of our top recommendations for sugar daddy millionaire sites. If you are looking for a sugar daddy, then this is the site for you. Not only are they top sugar daddy dating site when it comes to a sugar daddy-type relationship, but they also cater to any other type of millionaire relationship desired. They have a couple cool features to help you keep track of who has checked you out (so you can keep your options open), and their search makes it easy to find someone specific if you know exactly who you want to meet. But, the most important thing is that they have a ton of active people on the site looking for their perfect match. My very first time on MillionaireDates had someone instant messaging me before I even knew what was going on. Bottom line: You need to check this sugar daddy dating site out.

Sign Up Process

When you first arrive at their home page, you will see a search box where you can fill out who you are and who you are looking for in a member, then click search. Don't bother doing that. It simply takes you to the same page that you will end up on when you register for free; therefore, it is a waste of time to fill it out with your information.

Instead, go to the top menu and click on 'Register For Free'. Once you get to the registration page, you will fill in some basic information, including what name you want displayed, a password, an email, and what type of relationship you are looking for. (As a side note: This site is perfect for any type of relationship you are looking for, including serious, casual, dating, travel partner, or sugar daddy.)

TIP: Millionaire Match has more than 2 million quality members, sign up to meet other successful, attractive and available singles now!

Then, you need to fill out some more personal information, including things like your height and marital status. The unique part about this step is that if you are someone who wants to be spoiled by a millionaire man or woman, you can select your expectation for an allowance. For instance, you may expect less than $1000/month or you may expect up to $10,000/month. This is completely up to you, and it allows you to be upfront and honest if you are looking for a millionaire.

It is important to note that this is the section where you also fill in your personal headline and description, so if you are looking for a sugar daddy-type relationship, I would recommend putting that information in this section to help millionaire men or women understand exactly what you are looking for.

That's all there is to it. You will need to confirm your membership through the email you signed up with, but you can start using the search on immediately after filling out your basic information. And, you can easily update your profile once you are signed in by clicking on 'Edit My Profile' in the left navigation menu. Or, you can update your email settings by clicking on 'Account' in the top menu bar and then 'Account Settings'. (There, you can also hide yourself to other members and turn off instant messaging.)

Lastly, you will notice that you will get a text when you sign up for the option to receive dating notifications. This is optional, but it is definitely a part of the process during sign up, so don't be worried.


You are more than welcome to use a basic account, which is free. There is not much you can do with a free account, though, besides search for members.

A gold account comes with a few different membership options.

  • A 3-day trial for $2.97 that increases to $39.95 once the trial is up.
  • 1 month membership for $29.95 (most popular)
  • 3 months for $74.85
  • 6 months for $119.70

Note: Prices may vary from this review if they decide to increase their prices. You will have to cancel your membership if you are no longer interested by contacting them directly. And, as a special guarantee feature to MillionaireDates, if you become a gold member, you are guaranteed to find someone to hook up with or you get 3 months for free.


Not long after I first signed in, I received an instant message from a potential date in my exact location. So, instant chat would defiantly be a unique feature at It absolutely makes the millionaire dating site a little more exciting when you see a member try to chat you up.

You can also see who is online for chat, and you can also see which members that you have favorited are online for instant chat. Even better? You can start a video one-on-one session with someone in instant chat! Unfortunately you have to have a gold membership to chat.

The problem with this instant messaging feature? You can't block someone from messaging you over and over again. One woman seemed to message me every two seconds. However, you can block profiles, so it takes a little extra work to go to a member's profile and block them. It would be great if you could do it right from the instant message box. You can also put your status to invisible, which can help you avoid unwanted instant messages.

All members have features, including:

  • See who has viewed you in a box in the right sidebar
  • See who is online in a box in the right sidebar
  • The ability to turn off instant messenger
  • The ability to be invisible while signed in to the site

Gold members have all of the above features and more, including:

  • The ability to instant message with people online
  • The ability to video chat on instant messenger
  • Upload and view unlimited pics
  • Receive top placement in the search results
  • Send and receive emails
  • Get smart match detection

It is kind of frustrating that you can't see emails unless you have a gold membership. You can see that someone sent you an email, but you are not able to view the email and respond until you sign up for a gold membership. This makes the site a little bit limiting until you actually decide to pay the money and try it out.

Do They Accept Sugar Daddy-Type Relationships?

Absolutely! MillionaireDates has been voted as the number one sugar daddy and sugarbaby site. So, it is fair to say that you can absolutely seek out a mutually beneficial relationship with someone on this site. Not only do they accept sugar daddy-type relationships, but they also accept any other type of relationship that you are looking for.

Ease Of Use

The site was made to be easy to use; however, there are some ads that will lead you off the site and distract you from what you are doing. We found that the male profile seems to have more ads on it. For instance, underneath 'Bonus Features' in the left sidebar, there were links to pick-up secrets, rapid weight loss, and building muscle sites. All of the sites these links led to were obviously advertisements and product placements.

The Search

On the top menu bar, you can find buttons for searching other members. The search is super easy, and I love the fact that you can search for members with a photo only, with only a standard membership. Once you find someone you like, simply add them to your favorites or just read more about them. Or, with a gold account, you can send them mail, chat, or send a flirt to see how things go.

Safety And Privacy does not screen their members. This means that you need to practice strict safety rules when you are on the site. Even though MillionaireDates does not allow a lot of communication without joining up for a membership, and this weeds out people who don't actually want to pay and find a match, there are still people who are willing to pay a membership fee in order to be malicious on the site. So, use precaution when talking to members. Never give out your personal information. Never meet someone in a place where there are not a lot of people. And never put your trust in someone until you get to know them well.

As far as privacy goes, MillionaireDates has an extensive privacy policy that you should read before you sign up to their site. The site may disclose your email address and other personal information to its affiliated companies, agents, and service providers, as well as third party marketing partners. This may not be something you want to happen, so it is very important to read the privacy policy thoroughly before signing up to the site.

Room For Improvement

There are ads inside I am a huge advocate of having a membership site, especially a millionaire dating site, without ads. I think this is something that they should defiantly think about removing as it distracts you from the real reason you are there - to meet millionaire dates.

I also think there is a definite need to add more features for the standard and the gold members. It seems very limited as opposed to other millionaire dating sites, and while they do have an edge in attracting various relationship desires, they would greatly improve their website if they offered more features that allowed all of these people to interact more freely and easily.


You will find that this is a well-designed website. They have everything laid out in a clear manner, and everything you need to navigate through this site is clearly labeled in the top menu, sidebar, and footer menu. Many websites run the risk of looking too cluttered, but this is a very neat and smart design that allows you access to exactly what you are looking for.

For instance, all of your profile, inbox, and favorite member information is directly under your picture on the left hand side. In order to see more about members on the site, you simply look to the right and you can see who is online and who is awaiting your response. On top, you can see how many notifications you have and how many email messages you have to read.

Customer Service

There are two ways to get a hold of customer service. First, you can fill out a contact form. You have to fill in your email, subject, and message. If you would rather email them, you can do so at [email protected]. There is no notice as to how long customer support takes to message you back.


During our review, we found the best part of this millionaire dating website is that it allows you to search for any type of millionaire dates you want. Whether you are a swinger, looking for a serious relationship, or just want to spoil or be spoiled, this is a site where you can do that.

As far as features go, the instant messenger is a very nice addition to the site, but there are not a lot of other features that make this site exciting. While the extra features are not always needed to find a millionaire date, it is nice to have the option to make finding someone quicker, easier, and more interesting.

Lastly, the advertisements for other sites are very distracting on MillionaireDates. Nobody should have to deal with ads in order to meet a millionaire. It just doesn't make any sense to me. However, you will quickly learn which links are the ads, and you will be able to avoid them.

If you are interested in a non-conventional relationship, then give the free trial a try. It only costs a few bucks, and you can contact other members to get a feel for what kind of people are on the site and whether or not you would be interested in any of them. Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, try getting a 1-month membership so that you can really check out the site and see if Mr. or Miss Right comes to the site. You never know!

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