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Overview is known as the premier millionaire dating community. It has had a reputation for being easy to use, and it gives you access to the type of successful singles that you want to meet, as well as the ability to date a millionaire. With some unique features, such as Rapid Match, you can easily scan through members, chat with members, and make a quicker decision about who you want to meet and who you would rather not meet at all. This is an affordable solution to finding the millionaire of your dreams, and it comes with a unique 3-day trial to help you figure out whether or not the site is going to be the right fit for you. With plenty of successful and rich members, this may be your last stop when it comes to finding your desired match.

Sign Up Process

The first part of the sign up process is pretty straightforward. Simply enter in the basics, such as your email address, username, password, and birth date. Then answer a question regarding whether or not you are a millionaire. Or, in other words, whether or not you make over 150 thousand a year or if your net worth is a million or over. If you do, then click the box, and if you do not, move on to the next step.

Next, you create an interesting headline about yourself, disclose your exact location (which will likely already have been found by the site), and describe yourself. The description is verified by a staff member, so it is important to be descriptive, honest, and sincere. It doesn't have to be long; in fact, it can be as short as 40 characters, but it should be something that gets other member's attention and helps you stand out.

TIP: Millionaire Match has more than 2 million quality members, sign up to meet other successful, attractive and available singles now!

When signing up, you will notice that there is a check box at the bottom that allows you to obtain a free membership to If you don't want to join that millionaire dating site, then it is important to leave that check box blank.

After you sign up, you will be taken to a page with subscription rates. You don't need to select a subscription just yet. You can easily look around the millionaire dating site first using the tabs at the top of the site, and make up your mind whether or not you want to get a membership.

Also, you will find that after you are inside, you can update your profile with more information. Click on the Home tab on the top left, then click on Update Your Profile in the left sidebar. There you will find 7 different pages of basic information you can fill out, including what you are looking for, your appearance and situation, your status, your personality, your views, and your taste and interests. If you are going to spend some time on, then it is important to fill out these sections fully and really let people know who you are. I was much more interested in members who had taken the time to fill out every section.


The prices for a membership are fairly standard. Unlike most millionaire dating sites, they do not have a 6 month subscription. However, in its place, they do have a 3 day trial, which allows you to get to know the site, use the premium features, and make an informed decision about whether or not you want to join the millionaire dating site. After the 3 day trial is up, you are automatically put into a month-by-month subscription and billed $29.95USD per month. Therefore, if you are not happy with the dating site, cancel your membership before the trial period is up.

  • For a 1 month membership, you pay $29.95
  • For a 3 month membership, you pay $39.99

Both paid memberships automatically renew after the membership period is up. Therefore, if you want to cancel your membership, and prevent further billing, you need to do so manually.


One of the features that make this site different than other millionaire dating sites is the ability to upload as many pictures as you want inside of your profile. This really helps you get the essence of who you are across. Why is this so great? Because that last picture may be the picture that gets your perfect match's attention. For instance, I was once looking at a profile of a man who was not that interesting, but his last picture had him swimming with dolphins, and that was the picture that sold me on his profile. In other dating websites, it wouldn't have made it into his picture gallery because it was the 28th pic, and it would never have been allowed. The bottom line is that the more pictures you can use, the better.

Another neat feature allows you to specify if you are not interested in people right from your mailbox. When you do, they will no longer be able to contact you and they will not show up in your search results. This helps you eliminate the people that you don't like and focus in on the people who you are interested in much quicker.

Also, there is a feature where you can outright ask someone if they are interested in you. Basically it sends them a message saying that you are asking if they are interested in getting to know you, and after they check out your profile, they will let you know. This is a quick, simple way of maneuvering around the dating site and finding out if you are compatible with members that you may have some interest in. The button to find out if they are interested is under their profile picture where the Send Message and Send Flirt buttons are. It does not require a premium membership as it is totally free to use.

Lastly, another unique feature is access to the audio and video chat room. This is a premium member only feature, but it is a great way to get to know fellow members, talk, and find someone who interests you. Talking to people allows you to get a better feel for them. They can write anything they want in their profile, but when they are chatting with you visually or audibly, it is very easy to spot inconsistencies or concerns that you have. Or, alternatively, it is easier to see if they really are a great match for you!

Standard member's features include:

  • See who is online
  • Receive instant messages
  • Send 30 free flirts
  • Browse photos
  • Use basic search options
  • Search for members by username

Premium member's features include:

  • Use the forum
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Send instant messages
  • Become invisible while on the site
  • Have full access to view profiles, including all photos
  • Use the audio and video chat room
  • Use all search options (31 more than standard members have access to)

Features available to all members include:

  • Ability to add members to your little black book
  • Ability to add members to your favorites
  • Ability to be 'not interested' in people who contact you

There is also a feature available to everyone called Rapid Match. This gives users the ability to quickly 'like' or 'pass' on members with the click of a button. You can easily see the members profile picture, age, and location, and get a sense of whether or not they are for you. However, you can only use Rapid Match for a limited amount of time if you haven't uploaded a picture, and then you need to upload a photo in order to continue using the unique feature. It is a handy feature to have, so I highly recommend uploading a photo as soon as possible if you want to find your match quickly.

NOTE: You can opt-out of showing up in other member's Rapid Match results by going into your settings and clicking on the opt-out box under visibility settings.

Do They Accept Sugar Daddy-Type Relationships?

There is nothing that says that they do not accept sugar daddy-type relationships.

Ease Of Use

The website is fairly easy to use. But, because there are links out of the website to related millionaire websites, it can become confusing for the first little while as to what is part of DateaMillionaire, and what is not.

It is important to remember that the top menu bar in yellow is for the site, and allows you easy access to search members, find out who's online, browse photos, check out your profile, change settings, upgrade, check your mailbox, and change your language. The right sidebar is used for mainly for linking out to other sites, so if you click anywhere around there (besides updating your profile or uploading your photo), you will be taken off-site.

So, while it is easy to use the website, many of the pictures in the sidebar that you can click on will lead you outside of the website. For instance, I clicked on a guy that I thought was attractive, and I was led to another millionaire dating site called Millionaire Dates. I was shocked that I was taken out of the website, but I understand that DateaMillionaire probably wants to introduce you to sites who they are friends with. Just keep your eyes open for links that lead outside of the website so that you are always aware of where you are.

Other than that, it is very easy to find the contact, help, and terms and conditions by scrolling to the bottom. In fact, this is one of the easier sites to find the contact button, which makes it very easy to express concerns or ask questions.

The Search

The search process on is easy to use. You can easily use filters to search for a specific gender, age, city, or distance. Moreover, you can search using filters such as whether or not members have a photo. And, the ability to search for 'millionaires only' gives you access to what many people signed up for - to date a millionaire. It is important to note that premium members have many more filters to use during their search than standard members do.

Safety And Privacy does not screen its members. This means that you need to follow common safety rules when using this millionaire dating site. This includes being cautious with people who seem too eager to meet up, not giving away any personal information such as your address or phone number, and meeting potential matches in a public area with your own transportation.

The site takes your privacy seriously and does not rent, sell, or share your information with anyone. However, if you click out on a link from the site to another website, your information may be collected by that third party. Therefore, always read the privacy statement of any website you end up on.

Room For Improvement

After doing a lot of millionaire dating site reviews, I strongly believe that links out of the website are not necessary, even if they are there to help you find another millionaire dating site that may have a perfect match. When you sign up to a dating site, you are there to use their site, not consistently click out to other sites. While you will easily know what links will take you out of the site within a short amount of time, I still think they could remove these links altogether to improve the site.


In the end, my review found this is definitely a millionaire dating site that you will want to try out. The sign up process is easy, and there are many different features to use to help you check out and meet interesting members, as well as block members that you have no interest in. Combine that with the ability to filter your searches using over 35 filters, and you can easily find people who fit your criteria and interests.

The 3-day trial makes signing up to a no-brainier. Use all of the premium features for a few days, and if you are not satisfied, then simply cancel your subscription and find another millionaire dating site that fits your needs better. However, the very fact that they offer this trial period shows the confidence they have that you will stick around for the long haul.

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